PointR.ai: Bringing Applied AI to the Enterprise Edge

Saran Saund, Co-Founder & CEO
AI is going to change every facet of our lives. In the past few years webscale companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft etc. have leveraged AI to gain competitive advantages in their core businesses. The work done by these web-scale companies has led to a vibrant ecosystem of readily available open source frameworks and software building blocks. Combined with breakthroughs in hardware by NVIDIA and others, the software can perform complex algorithms efficiently.

Applied AI is the next biggest technology disruption in the enterprise space. Enterprises that are able to harvest information from unstructured data sources like cameras and sensors are poised to take market share. Applied AI is a technology that adopts open source to achieve efficiencies in core business practice for the enterprise and new ways to drive revenues.

When PointR.ai started, the enterprise was ill-equipped to adopt Applied AI which is the gap the company addresses. Any time AI is required at endpoints such as stores, clinics and trucks, data volumes prevent cloud processing for real-time decision making. PointR.ai’s unique technology and solution offering makes it possible to deploy at the edge easily and seamlessly. “For enterprises, adopting Applied AI to generate real-time actionable insights on the edge is the future and PointR.ai addresses the need efficiently,” says Saran Saund, CEO, PointR.ai.

At the core of their offering is an optimized cluster of AI accelerators in the form of a wireless hub. It consumes less power than a light bulb, yet competes for performance with a rack of servers. Cameras and other sensors plug into a distributed wireless mesh and the computing hub that digests and stores information about the environment to make accurate and real-time decisions. The hub comes in two flavors, the BRICK and the CUBE which are deployed based on the specific use case.

PointR.ai is effective in numerous verticals. In retail it is being applied to automate stores so shoppers can just pick the item and walk out without encountering checkout lines.
In transportation, it is being tested for autonomous driving as well as to prevent costly downtimes with automated inspections. In healthcare, it augments radiology and pathology to improve accuracy while reducing cost.

For enterprises, adopting Applied AI to generate real-time actionable insights on the edge is the future and PointR.ai addresses the need efficiently

The company trains AI algorithms for industrial use cases in the cloud. The resulting models are seamlessly published to PointR.ai edge devices in the field that alert operators when anomalies are detected in real time. Fundamentally, PointR.ai’s specialized tech enables clients to scale, eliminating expensive cabling, bandwidth choke points and enabling fault tolerance. In some use cases, it operates in remote places only with solar cells.

The company is now building on its partnership with IBM to work on innovative ideas for industries such as retail, logistics, and finance. “For PointR.ai, it’s all about taking human error out of the equation. AI has been gently tipping its toe in the waters of everyday computing, to better manage the sheer volume of data born at the edge—all the telematics from cars, the pictures from phones, the footage from retail store cameras, and so forth,” says Saund.

With PointR.ai, achieving cutting edge AI-enabled infrastructure isn’t an uphill battle. The company has developed a core technology based on both internal innovation and the word of customers, telling them where they want to take it to market. Their goal is to take AI out of the lab as a PoC, into full-fledged deployments, in various business scenarios, including procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, last mile, delivery, sales, support, and many more.


Los Altos, CA

Saran Saund, Co-Founder & CEO

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