WorkDone.AI: Retaining Institutional Knowledge Effortlessly

Joe Rogers, CEO
When an employee leaves the organization, repercussions are felt at various levels. The business might have just lost a skilled staff member whose unique work techniques— termed “work heuristics”—were effective in performing repetitive and rules-based tasks. In this scenario, a question arises about executing the process with the equal efficiency of the employee who is no longer a part of the firm. WorkDone, a culmination of serial entrepreneur Joe Rogers’ experience in automating his consultancy practice through machine learning, steps in to capture the skills of employees and mimic their heuristics. The company’s patent-pending utility, Expertise Capture, retains the heuristics and then utilizes them to facilitate knowledge transfer to the current and new workforce. These heuristics can be switched on and off according to the business needs, which saves the workforce from spending too much time on training and focusing more on their core business areas. The firm uses content analytics, business process management, machine learning, and blockchain technologies to simplify the skill retention. “WorkDone helps small businesses up to large multi-nationals to automate their operations and scale them at minimum cost while ensuring work quality,” says Rogers, the CEO and Founder of the company.

Without requiring user training or programming knowledge, organizations of all sizes can quickly install and use Expertise Capture. As the solution easily interfaces to major SaaS platforms such as SAP, Sage Intacct, Salesforce, and NetSuite, it learns customer-specific employee actions relevant to tasks such as purchase order or invoice processing and retains the information. “This feature helps in the seamless retention of the employee’s knowledge to the business when he or she leaves the organization or retires,” adds Joe.

Expertise Capture seamlessly captures the complete details of the worker’s activities around specific work items with the output being a custom work heuristic. WorkDone completes the process lifecycle as it further executes back office activities such as invoice, purchase order and shipping order processing through the system-generated agents (virtual processors).

While Expertise Capture gathers work heuristics and replaces the human element in tedious and rules-based tasks, the firm has delivered maximum results through its solution.
For instance, a manufacturing major with operations in North and South America had to execute the repetitive tasks automatically. The manufacturer onboarded WorkDone as a consultant. Today, amid a number of ongoing implementations, the client has decided to leverage WorkDone solution and expedite the execution of the first of many processes to reduce the involvement of people into it.

WorkDone provides digital workforce and corporate memory tech to solve the age old problem of knowledge walking out the door when workers retire or change jobs

its attempt to create similar success stories, the company focuses its efforts on enhancing its solutions through numerous measures. The firm has planned to introduce natural language processing functionality to facilitate communication between agents and employees and ease the training process of the human workforce. Besides, WorkDone will soon introduce Hacker Mode, which will help businesses to automatically and repeatedly test boundary conditions in their software. This capability will allow any software developer to easily reach a comfort level around security before releasing to the public.

The Beverly Hills, CA-based firm is connected to the network of ERP solution distributors and will launch its solution for more enterprises. With a strong belief in sustainable and ethical AI, the company aims to move the world into the post- AI era where the human workforce is supported in proactively reinventing itself and its future in a way that is most meaningful for them. The leadership of the company looks forward to setting their footprint in the global market rapidly.


Beverly Hills, CA

Joe Rogers, CEO

Offers patent-pending AI technology that enables digital workforce and corporate memory