Bridging the Gap Between Cybersecurity and Insurance

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Vishal “V8” Hariprasad, Co-Founder & CEO
In light of ever-evolving, rapidly diversifying cyber threats, now more than ever, the insurance industry has the unique opportunity to provide meaningful coverage to enterprises. Although cyber insurance as-a-product has been in the market for 17 years, the notion has not yet matured enough to provide proper coverage for the complex vulnerabilities and breaches that businesses face. Many of the insurance companies lack an in-depth understanding of cyber-risks, which leads to improper treatment of non-affirmative risks and difficulties in quantifying risks to define appropriate policies. This happens due to the lack of a shared vocabulary in which the two diverse industries of cybersecurity and insurance can interact. To this end,, a San Francisco-based start-up, bridges this gap between cyber-security and insurance through their cutting edge AI-driven platform. Leveraging curated security data for accurate risk-assessment, and workflow automation for efficiency, the company’s platform enables insurers and brokers to better assess, underwrite, and manage cyber risks. To maximize the effectiveness of cyber insurance, the company extends its solution to all the parties involved— the insured, the insurer, and the intermediary. In other words, they offer customized solutions for insurers, brokers, and enterprises.

To help insurers quantify cyber risks, traces the latest trends and advancements on the cyber threat landscape and deduces how they could affect enterprises pertaining to various industry verticals. “By tracing the specific lines, we provide insurers the capability to effectively tailor their cyber-insurance offerings according to needs of industry verticals,” says Vishal “V8” Hariprasad, the CEO, and Co-founder of They provide an internal dataset–a data feedback loop, driven by ML, which acts as the gateway of information for insurers to understand their customers’ security needs, allowing them to frame policies accordingly. It also enables them to choose the right behavior for offering prescriptive pre-breach guidance to clients for mitigating threats. As such, the offering helps prevent attacks, thereby eliminating the need for unnecessary elements of coverage.
Leveraging external scan and data sources, can report on the current cyber-security posture for the clients of insurers. Their platform scans the data points in such a way that only the actuarially significant data is considered and used for assessing the risks and triggers. Throughout the whole process, they maintain high transparency and granularity about how data-scores are being calculated, allowing clients to make value-judgments, specific to the needs of their products. In addition, their actuary teams analyze the portfolio of insurance companies and assist in optimizing pricing and digitalizing cyber-policies. also helps insurers to underwrite policies accurately and speedily so that they can focus on those segments which require additional data for improved underwriting and introduce innovative policies.

By tracing the specific lines, we provide insurers the capability to effectively tailor their cyber-insurance offerings according to needs of industry verticals

By partnering with, insurers who had never stepped into the realm of cyber insurance are able to diversify their product-portfolio with tailor-made policies based on the demographics and risk postures of their clients.Arceo. ai is delivering on its mission: to shift the economics of cyber risk by merging security and insurance, through combined effects of cyber-security expertise, transparent risk assessments, and meaningful risk-transfer.

Looking ahead, Hariprasad envisions to broaden the scope of’s platform while expanding the team and partnerships. The next plan on their agenda is to establish offices in New York and London.“Driving more alliances and expanding our reach in the security world will empower us to help clients in creating innovative insurance-products to be better prepared for the impending attacks even before they occur,” concludes Hariprasad.


San Francisco, CA

Vishal “V8” Hariprasad, Co-Founder & CEO

Description provides a cyber analytics and insurance platform to brokers, insurers, and their insured clients to understand, underwrite and manage cyber risks. Its AI driven platform is powered by advanced analytics, transparent assessment and smart automation. Leveraging data science and cyber risk models, they can help insurers lower their risk profile and provide actionable insights to them and their clients on understanding the risks and the ways to mitigate them. Improving cyber resiliency, this company has strived towards breaking the barriers between insurance and security and merging the two diverse industries in their holistic platform