Quartic.ai: Helping Manufacturers Adopt AI

Rajiv Anand, Founder & CEO
Being in the manufacturing space for more than 30 years, Rajiv Anand, the Founder & CEO of Quartic. ai, mentions that good production is a balance between operations and data. “While automation has improved production on a micro-scale in terms of process and equipment, the macro-level details are still overlooked. To understand the bigger picture, we need to zoom out and make sense of the data. This is where digitization and AI can take manufacturing to the next level,” he says. When Anand started looking at how AI was being brought into manufacturing, he saw that most technology companies took a top-down approach to digitization. This strategy failed to meet reality on the production floor and required a lot of capital and in-house AI expertise. With Quartic.ai, Anand and his team worked towards putting AI in the hands of the existing subject matter experts (SMEs) instead of putting AI experts without a holistic understanding of manufacturing onto the production floor.

What has propelled Quartic. ai’s strong foothold in the Artificial Intelligence space is a combination of a fantastic leadership team, investors who believe in its vision, and strategic partnerships. Anand mentions, “We have Xiaozhou Wang, a Competition Grandmaster at Kaggle with a topglobal ranking of #4 leads our data science division. Vinodh Rodriguez, our VP of customer success is another pillar of Quartic.ai. He leads the implementation of AI solutions towards the goals of Industry 4.0. We also have Pranav Prakash and Akshaya Aron, both engineers and entrepreneurs who have been with us on the get go. They lead the technology and product ends respectively.” With this team, Quartic. ai has been able to secure funding from WRVI Capital and Michael Marks. WRVI Capital is a leading venture capital firm that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs and disruptive technologies that will help shape the future. Michael Marks is the founding partner of Riverwood Capital, a Menlo Park-based private equity firm.

Most manufacturing units create a flood of data that is unorganized and unusable. Illuminator, one of Quartic.ai’s key products, is designed for the sole purpose of organising this flood of data, rendering it in a comparable format, and providing it in context. The company’s data lake and data pipeline, Illuminator works in conjunction with existing assets, ingests data streams from multiple sources and protocols (IIoT, OT, MES, and ERP data) and presents it in a common context for analytics and intelligence applications.

Quartic.ai is working towards putting AI in the hands of the existing subject matter experts (SMEs), instead of putting AI experts without a holistic understanding of manufacturing onto the production floor

eXponence, another one of other Quartic.ai’s flagship products, is used to build customized intelligence applications to connect stranded data sources and obtain crucial insights. It can be customized based on the client’s needs and sits on top of the data lake from illuminator. The tool uses automated machine learning, a rules engine, and complex event processing to uncover intelligence on a macro-scale, with precision. The intelligence is then used in industrial workflows for reliability, quality, throughput, and energy to drive operational efficiency of legacy assets.

According to Anand, Quartic.ai at this stage is a constant work in progress. The company is working on bringing to market key solutions such as predictive maintenance, adoption of AI-linked sensors, and adoption of digital twins to speed up the learning phase before deployment of AI solutions. In addition, Quartic.ai is forging strategic partnerships to bring forward powerful and relevant offerings to our clients. On this front, the company has partnered with Sparta Systems for developing a Quality Management System (QMS) to bring forward next-level AI capabilities for early risk detection during the manufacturing process. “Our goal from this partnership is to enable reduction in product quality impact and enable near-real-time product release. Bright Path Labs will implement this joint solution for end-to-end quality management, document management and training management. They will also leverage the combined capabilities to gain tighter data integration between manufacturing operations and quality management,” states Anand. “We have also formed an alliance with Wunderlich- Malec Engineering (WM) to deliver smart manufacturing solutions for industrial applications using WM automation expertise and the Quartic Platform’s IIoT, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities."


San Jose, CA

Rajiv Anand, Founder & CEO

Quartic.ai places the power of AI directly in the hands of plant subject matter experts (SMEs) with their complete Smart Industry platform for process manufacturing industries implementing digital transformation with AI and IIoT. Quartic.ai allows manufacturers to extract more value from legacy infrastructure and build Industry 4.0 factories. Quartic.ai enables plant SMEs to create and deploy AI applications to significantly increase productivity and operational performance