An AI Platform for Attaining Business Excellence

Dr. Walid El Abed, Founder And CEO Global Data Excellence
Dr. Walid El Abed,  Founder And CEO  Global Data Excellence

Dr. Walid El Abed, Founder And CEO Global Data Excellence

In today’s world the challenge is not having data or having enough data but getting the right data. Much of the time organisations have the data they need to make the right decisions, but it remains disconnected and of little help in making the sorts of choices that organisations need to make to succeed in a competitive market. 

Moreover, modern organisations in all domains have access to more data than ever on which to base their strategic and operational decisions. Yet oftentimes, this data is not useful for making those decisions and it’s not possible for decision makers to take a truly holistic view of their business. 

Global Data Excellence (GDE) transforms business management by providing a comprehensive platform that reconciles the entire eco-system of the organization and its core offering is the Data Excellence Management System, or DEMS. 

DEMS is a next-generation artificial intelligence platform that works on meaning and reasoning. It provides a factual, value-driven collaboration that engages end users from all levels of an organization in the ultimate process of value creation. Fully connected in real time to every different sort of database and system, it is a multilingual, web-based solution that uses a combination of semantics and AI techniques to accelerate the creation of business value, the pursuit of key value indicators, and the minimization of operational costs. It helps organizations to manage their data policies, adopt best practices, and comply with guidelines, policies, and regulations from national, regional, and industry regulators.

And at the very heart of GDE’s DEMS approach is contextual intelligence.

DEMS’ contextual intelligence offers organizations the ability to adapt the insights and knowledge extracted from their data to an environment different from the one in which it was developed. In the same way that most humans are masters of using context to inform language in conversation and the best managers can apply contextual intelligence when considering different business contexts, DEMS is ready to contextualize the natural language rules that users bring to the software and ensure the data requested is returned every time. With contextual intelligence embedded in DEMS its data catalog automatically provides context, data lineage and semantic meaning. It defines the relationships between the business terms and their metadata to sharpen decision-making and actions.

Organizations that rely on DEMS don’t enter new markets with strategies based on what worked in entirely different markets with entirely different social, economic, and cultural contexts. Instead, and in simple terms, DEMS empowers organizations to make better decisions, optimized choices, and unlock maximum value in different contexts. 

With Global Data Excellence’s DEMS, decision makers can understand what data is most important to attain business excellence, can understand what data and which parts of the organisation will deliver the most future value, can identify and set targets, and can make decisions that are based on value instead of past performance.

All of this adds up to better decision making driven by data and focused firmly on the future, thanks to DEMS. It is ready out-of-the-box to connect to data, ingest that data, and begin generating the insights that will deliver a return on that investment rapidly.

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