How is the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Shaping the World of Marketing?

Bernie Racoma, Content Manager,

As artificial intelligence is becoming more popular, the world of marketing is changing. Click here to find out what effect AI is having on marketing.

How is the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Shaping the World of Marketing?

Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated to AI, has been around for a while, but in recent years it has taken off, quickly gaining pace and becoming widespread. No area of business is being left untouched, and that includes marketing. But what impact is AI having on the world of marketing, and should you be worried about what impact AI could have on your career plans?

How is Artificial Intelligence Being Used in Marketing?

Marketing is one of the most exciting areas of AI development. In the past, marketers had to carefully analyse data to find market trends and understand customer behaviour. Thanks to artificial intelligence, marketers are beginning to use algorithms which are capable of autonomously learning from incoming data to learn more about their customer base and therefore increase customer engagement.

One exciting example of AI marketing is Google Duplex which is currently being rolled out across the United States. Google Duplex uses Google Assistant to make phone calls to prospective customers, booking appointments and even making restaurant reservations.

The Impact of AI on Jobs in Marketing

It’s understandable that many marketers will be concerned that artificial intelligence could one day take over their jobs, completely replacing human labour. However, it’s far more likely that artificial intelligence and machine learning will simply complement the human element of marketing, increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Testament to this is the artificial intelligence investors who already have AI-marketing ventures in their investment portfolio.  These includeTej Kohliat Kohli Ventures and also fund manager Chris Ford whose Sanlam Artificial Intelligence Fund uses AI to find the best investments in the world of AI.

Although it’s likely that AI marketing will have a significant impact on every aspect of digital marketing, marketers are unlikely to need to worry about their jobs. Instead they should be focused on evolving their skills to work hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence to enhance their marketing efforts and bring them ahead of the competition.

Is AI Set to Take Over Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an area that is forever evolving, and digital marketers need to be able to keep up with the latest trends if they want to be successful. AI marketing automation is set to revolutionise the way that marketers develop personalised content, manage campaigns and increase customer engagement and interaction. 

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, investing in artificial intelligence tools and techniques is the way to go. The best way to get started with AI marketing is to use an AI platform to begin to understand your customer journey and increase personalisation.

Artificial intelligence is being used in almost every area of digital marketing. This includes email marketing, paid search, social media and content marketing. Through AI marketing, the cost of marketing is reducing as the level of personalisation is increasing. This means that AI marketing can provide an increased ROI with lower levels of effort required.

It’s unlikely that artificial intelligence will ever replace the human aspect of marketing. Human marketers will always be needed to provide that human perspective of buyer behaviour. However, it’s important that marketers learn to work alongside artificial intelligence to avoid being left behind by the competition.