COGNISTX: Adaptive AI Solutions for Business Success

Eric Nyberg, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
The buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) is deafening. The rush to AI integration with corporate and customer-facing systems has been swift. But the practicality of AI as a significant contributor to everyday business success is better measured in how well business goals are served by AI. The critical connection between business goals and specific analytic objectives is a priority that must be fully considered in an AI solution before a company can count on improving customer experience, reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and building new success metrics into its business model.

Cognistx begins there, inside each unique business. The Cognistx process guides a company, step-by-step, through its challenges, customer requirements, and market conditions so that an adaptive, multi-strategy AI system based on real-world objectives can be developed. “We are an AI consulting and custom solutions company, not an ‘off-the-shelf’ AI product company,” explains Eric Nyberg, PhD, co-founder and Chief Data Scientist of Cognistx. “We take a broader view on the applicability of AI on our client’s system with the expertise of our seasoned team and technology partner—Carnegie Mellon University—and work on developing highly-targeted applications.”

For every client, Cognistx conducts an in-depth data science assessment to determine ‘AI-readiness’ based on the state of their data. The objective of such an approach is to determine whether the customer’s data is clean, centralized, and normalized, making it suitable for AI adoption. If the answer is yes, Cognistx works with them to build a prototype or pilot where the organization can assess results to determine viability of further investment in the fine-tuning and deployment of the AI-system. This approach makes custom AI more practical, affordable, and accessible to small and mid-sized companies without the need for large amounts of capital to invest upfront.

In the retail world, Cognistx leverages cognitive computing to understand the behaviors, preferences, context, and trends from a set of customer data.
This allows retailers to deliver individualized product offers and promotions using Cognistx’ intelligent offer engine, OfferNet™. For instance, Monro Muffler Brake, an American automotive service company, struggled with customer loyalty, a challenge quite prevalent in the industry. Cognistx created an AI-powered mobile app, fueled by the OfferNet Engine, that serves personalized, relevant offers designed to boost the frequency of store visits and to drive incremental purchases. The app has delivered tremendous results; tens of thousands additional store visits and offers redeemed, yielding an eight-figure incremental revenue sum.

We take a broader view on the applicability of AI on our client’s system

In the supply chain and logistics realm, the three-year-old AI company helps organizations extract insights or abnormalities from their data using machine learning, so they can act to increase efficiency, mitigate loss, or boost their bottom line. Working with their third-party logistics client, Armada, Cognistx built an anomaly detection engine into Armada’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) that flags irregularities in submitted purchase orders, allowing the company to minimize costly inventory mistakes and to streamline logistical efficiency.

Because machine learning, the sub-genre of AI that is Cognistx’ specialty, relies on data which it then feeds through proprietary models trained to optimize towards a given analytic objective, Cognistx is suited to put its AI strengths to work across a variety of industries. “We focus on solving data problems to reduce cost and increase efficiency or revenue, regardless of the company,” concludes Nyberg.


Pittsburgh, PA

Eric Nyberg, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Cognistx provides advanced AI technologies to create applications that extract value from data to produce measurable impact