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Stan Smith, CEO
Although today’s insurance industry has evolved to leveraging technology to make business decisions, the enterprises in this arena still underutilize advancements like AI for insights on common aspects like claims handling. With the indefinite potential of AI, insurance companies can certainly utilize this technology for several other deeply impacting areas— like identifying financial risks of larger loss claims or policies and risk pricing. However, actionable insights for these decisions require more specialized, data-driven models, and also additional data to make those right decisions. “With our modeling techniques and data models, we can accurately enable insurance companies to make those impactful decisions that help protect their bottom line,” states Stan Smith, CEO of gradientA.I. Using predictive analytics to augment human intelligence, gradientA.I. equips insurance companies with the right tools to unveil the hidden patterns in their large structured and unstructured datasets.

Smith believes that the AI offering like that of gradientA.I. is an ideal solution to insurance companies, which are focused on driving efficiency in advanced policy and claims management. With their platform, gradientA.I. uses its clients’ data to quickly train powerful data models that enable businesses to run efficiently.

One of the main areas of focus for gradientA.I. is the workers’ compensation, wherein the costs of claims are today increasing at high rates. Alongside, the frequency of claims is also growing with the evolving economy, eventually leading to faster growth of costs. gradientA.I. solves a variety of such business problems in the workers’ compensation space with its suite of decision support solutions which can now identify the severity of claims—resources assigned to those claims and additional expenses.

Leveraging their clients’ internal data—structured and non-structured— on their expiring policies and feeding that information into their AI models, gradientA.I.’s underwriting platform drives accurate renewal pricing decisions on those policies. Additionally gradient A.I. has real time pricing solutions for new business to help increase the win ratio with faster quote turn around. While offering automated decision-making support, the platform improves the overall efficiency and reduces quote turnaround time for its clients.
Scoring every policy consistently and repeatedly based on its characteristics, gradientA.I. can identify the right pricing, highly impacting the bottom line through to six percent increase in underwriting profits.

With our modeling techniques and data models, we can accurately enable insurance companies to make those impactful decisions that help protect their bottom line

Simultaneously, with its integrated reporting capabilities, the solution also provides accurate and timely analysis allowing companies to determine impactful mitigation strategies which can have a positive impact in resolving claims. gradientA.I.’s clients can also utilize the reporting features to identify emerging opportunities in the marketplace and act upon them before their competitors. As gradientA.I. automates the entire process of procuring data from multiple sources, their clients can save additional time that they would have to otherwise spend in writing scripts or queries to perform ETL.

What’s also noteworthy is gradientA.I.’s investment in their clients’ data security. “Our goal is to ensure that our data security is always equal to and even better than that of our clients. Most importantly, we want to empower our customers to invest their time in more value-adding aspects that would positively impact on their companies’ growth,” adds Smith. With an existing clientele spread across the United States, the company will expand its footprints to more markets directly or through partnerships. With a continued focus on innovation and meeting ever-evolving customer needs, and with the expertise to deliver them, gradientA.I. is the true success partner for insurance companies that require support to make highly impacting business decisions.

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Stan Smith, CEO

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