WinWire Technologies: WinVisioning Enterprise AI Strategies

Ashu Goel, CEO
Although AI has been exhibiting its prominence in the enterprise technology space for quite some time, the technology is now being adopted more than ever and promises to impact all industry verticals. For CIOs however, making their organizations AI-ready and future-proof can be a complex and risky affair. After all, the market is not short of solution providers, innovators, and marketers of all shapes and sizes. It is more imperative than ever for enterprises to partner with an expert entities that can understand the clients’ needs. Solution providers can mature to such capacities only with relevant expertise and familiarity to deliver all-round enterprise architecture solutions, ability to envision a complex and future-proof roadmap that centers on newer AI deployments, and a track record of successful implementation of complex AI projects. California-based WinWire Technologies perfectly fits the criteria in this regard. The company is positioned as a reliable partner for enterprises looking to tap into the power of AI, especially those that have made the decision to leverage Microsoft technologies.

Relevant Expertise

WinWire has been a long-standing expert in delivering Microsoft solutions that range from SaaS products such as Office 365 to full-fledged cloud computing platforms such as Azure. Ashu Goel, the CEO of WinWire says, “We are able to understand not only the technology and data side but also the application side of AI deployments.” From business analysts that can map the AI vision of their clients, to data scientists and engineers for AI stack modeling and implementation respectively, WinWire brings all-round expertise necessary to help clients envision complex AI solutions. WinWire works closely with their clients to build AI-powered ‘systems of intelligence’ that allow users to make meaningful enterprise decisions from ‘smart’ analysis of very large amounts of data they generate across their business. The company also undertakes legacy systems/application modernization initiatives for their clients. In addition, WinWire has built a number of “solution accelerators”, or pre-built frameworks on the Microsoft stack that clients can leverage in their implementation.

Envisioning Solutions – WinVisioning

A key differentiator of WinWire is their initial client engagement process that they term ‘WinVisioning.’

We are able to understand not only the technology and data side but also the application side of AI deployments

“It involves strategy briefing where they let clients know what’s going on in the market, what’s possible, and what other companies are doing. The process also comprises architectural design sessions where we define what potential solutions will look like using a whiteboard session,” adds Goel. He also highlights, “In addition to whiteboarding the solution, WinWire builds Proof of Concept (PoC) and does a UI/UX mock-up of it.”

The success story of one of WinWire’s clients best exemplifies the effectiveness of their robust approach to delivering AI solutions. A prominent electric car manufacturer after partnering with WinWire was able to consolidate all of their customer interactions—from when they would enter the showroom to when they would make a purchase and sign up for servicing—into an AI-backed unified solution. WinWire is currently working with the client to automate their invoicing process with chatbot integration, which would ultimately reduce the number of personnel involved in invoice matching from four to one. For another large construction client, WinWire is providing assistance to mitigate risk with Risk Modeling Solution using Predictive Analytics.

In a nutshell, WinWire’s robust solution delivery model can be formulated as “WinVisioning + Understanding business problems + Expertise in data modeling + Leveraging Microsoft stack” to build capable solutions on top of it. The company envisions expanding into several industry verticals where their formula for clients’ success can be readily applied. Enhancing robotic process automation with AI is another functional area that WinWire envisages to master.

WinWire Technologies

Santa Clara, CA

Ashu Goel, CEO

The company positions itself as an end-to-end AI implementation specialist atop the Microsoft solutions stack

WinWire Technologies