Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies - 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled industry leaders to build self-learning applications that can analyze customers’ data and deliver personalized experiences to customers. According to a research, 41 percent of U.S. customers switch between brands and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) due to the lack of personalization and trust. Thus, customer-centric enterprises are equipping their services with AI as keeping customers happy remains their primary objective.

As businesses often have to deal with an enormous amount of unstructured data and process it manually to unearth real-time insights to drive business decisions has become rather sluggish. Hence, the need of the hour is to have self-governing systems to automate tasks and optimize business processes. Besides, organizations have turned to sources outside of their proprietary data warehouses to develop smarter and more efficient products. Thus, organizations seek the help of enterprises that offer AI solution for data exploration to provide the customers the experience they deserve.

Due to advancement in computational power of microprocessors, AI-powered software can process big data at a faster rate to deliver valuable insights in real time. With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated every day, having a powerful AI platform is apparent for the enterprises to have a competitive edge in the market. Hence, irrespective of the nature of the business, organizations can foresee a proliferation of AI in coming years. Overall, AI-derived business value is forecasted to reach a mark of $1.9 trillion by 2019.

In this edition of CIOReview, we have listed “20 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Solutions Providers – 2018,” capable of offering AI-powered solutions as per varied needs of businesses. A special panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, and analysts has selected the top players operating in the industry with the vision to help organizations find a suitable AI partner to have customers in the driver’s seat.

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

  • 1

    Makes learning, knowledge sharing and sustainability more engaging and fun using games, simulations and AI

  • 2

    Cognistx provides advanced AI technologies to create applications that extract value from data to produce measurable impact

  • 3

    Develops AI-based software that people with disabilities can use to express themselves faster and communicate better

  • 4

    Award-winning ignio leverages AI in combination with contextual intelligence and cognitive automation to improve performance across apps and infrastructure

  • 5

    Our CX Automation platform taps the knowledge of expert users to deliver better customer service at scale

  • 6

    An innovative and dynamic technology company that develops and sells cloud-based machine learning software solutions to allow companies to maximize the success of their digital marketing campaigns

  • 7

    The firm offers a digitalized sourcing platform and marketplace for procurement teams that combines sophisticated AI technology with deep domain expertise to connect organizations with top service providers around the world

  • 8

    Offers solutions which enable data-driven decisions that lead to improved financial performance for its clients, and better outcomes for their customers

  • 9

    Provides Machine Learning-as-a-Service, data consultancy, graph database analytics software, and training services to businesses of all sizes

  • 10

    Focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Agile Optimization to elevate management of business operations, with dedicated algorithms for a wide range of industries

  • 11

    Offers AI-enabled marketing automation platform, helping campaigns and organizations to better understand and predict consumer behavior

  • 12

    Provides AI platforms, data packages, and NLP libraries that help healthcare organizations deploy AI faster

  • 13

    Offers a breakthrough platform for deploying artificial intelligence in any device

  • 14

    Brings data center architecture to the edge

  • 15

    Transforms healthcare with a cloud-based AI platform that uses cognitive vision to improve quality and reduce costs by ensuring clean, reliable patient data

  • 16

    The company positions itself as an end-to-end AI implementation specialist atop the Microsoft solutions stack

  • 17

    Offers patent-pending AI technology that enables digital workforce and corporate memory

  • 18

    Offers a comprehensive conversational AI service, with management tools, technology, training data, and an AI training practice

  • 19

    Delivers next-generation AI-based medical imaging that provides scalable diagnostics to patients

  • 20



    The firm offers AI solutions that are built to function on any sensor, with any resolution and are proven to operate in real-time