Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Solutions Companies - 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving as the go-to technology for companies to personalize customer experiences. It serves as a wide-ranging tool enabling people to rethink how to integrate information, analyze data, and apply the gleaned insights to improve decision-making.

As per ReportLinker, the global market for AI, estimated at $46.9 billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach $341.4 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 32.8 percent.

What steers this growth is a gamut of digital innovations in the past few years.

Cloud-based AI platforms provide multiple benefits that include high scalability and hassle-free deployment. Cloud deployments for natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning are also growing with increasing awareness of their benefits.

Businesses are relying on innovations in AI-enabled marketing solutions to boost sales. Advanced cybersecurity solutions are also leveraging AI to thwart cyberattacks in businesses. AI-based solutions help manufacturers simplify processes and play a key role in defect detection, predictive maintenance, liquid-level analysis, and asset inspection.

This edition of CIOReview highlights the recent developments in the artificial intelligence arena and insights into how businesses are aligning with these trends to transform legacy practices.

We have curated thought leadership articles from industry experts, including the global WAM director, Technology Risk and Controls, Manulife and head of data, CLSA. We also took a deep dive into the market trends to narrow down the list of companies delivering robust AI solutions. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, companies like Cybadot Technologies and AI Dev Lab help transform businesses at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies.

We hope this edition of CIOReview on artificial intelligence solutions and service providers helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by efficient technology.

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solutions Companies

  • 1

    Cybadot is dedicated to connecting the world with innovative solutions using artificial intelligence. Based on its track record, Cybadot has swiftly established itself as the worldwide leader in developing problem-solving solutions. The company's mission is to build innovative solutions with excellence and cutting-edge technology that provide the highest-quality and most reliable services across all sectors

  • 2

    Evolution analytics is a full-service consulting firm focused exclusively on analytics and data science. EA has brought together the best in the business to deliver practical, proven solutions that drive significant business value.

  • 3

    AI Dev Lab builds artificial intelligence products for startups and Fortune 100 companies. They bring decades of strategy and business savvy to AI development and implementation. Work with the best minds in artificial intelligence to turn your idea into a fully-fledged AI application.

  • 4

    Avahi assists organizations in realizing the advantages of a cloud-first strategy and accelerating the time to market for new goods and services while lowering the expenses of planning, creating, deploying, and maintaining their products and services

  • 5

    Masterful AI is a software infrastructure company that offers developers a platform to build and train computer vision models cost and time effectively. Masterful’s goal-oriented platform has assisted numerous developers to attain accurate, trustworthy, and efficient models.

  • 6

    Motive Metrics is an AI-powered paid search service provider that combines AI technology and human expertise to provide marketers from a wide range of industry verticals

  • 7

    Driven by the goal to ensure R&D moves at the speed of business, Noble.AI builds software that helps companies create new products in an advanced way using artificial intelligence (AI), much cheaper and faster than before.

  • 8

    Pairaphrasetranslation software contains robust translation productivity tools for organizations. It supports over 100 languages and houses all necessary tools, including several translation frameworks, a state-of-the-art OCR system, and in-built editing features allowing users to segment text and change content within the platform itself.

  • 9

    Seedwell provides holistic financial wellness benefits to employers to enable employees to improve their financial well-being.

  • 10

    Sembly AI is a SaaS platform that helps companies get the most value from working team meetings. Sembly AI is built on a foundation of machine learning capabilities combined with a deep knowledge of the corporate processes to produce a powerful voice AI platform. Sembly AI uses proprietary AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights

  • 11

    Intuitive is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas (recognized by CRN & INC 5000) focused on IT solutions, and services supporting 100+ Fortune 1000 & ISV customers on a global scale. With the reputation of being a Tiger Team & a Trusted Partner, Intuitive’s solution-centric SMEs across its core Superpowers (Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, CyberSecurity, AppDev, AppSecOps, DevSecOps, SRE, Data, AI/ML, Network and Digital Workspace) help solve most complex challenges and initiatives for Enterprises.

  • 12



    The objective of IBL is to improve online education by using cutting-edge tools and high-quality content. They promote the usage of open-source technologies and offer substantial commercial assistance

  • 13

    At SYMSON, they strongly believe in integrating human and machine views. Instead of replacing people and organizations, they design technology to empower them. SYMSON analyzes all goods, determines price elasticity, and predicts how prospective price adjustments may affect margin and revenue using many criteria that users can plug into existing AI and ML tools

  • 14



    Behavox is a security software firm that focuses on communication monitoring: Behavox's software protects corporations and their employees from bad actors engaging in unlawful and destructive actions as an industry leader in the use of Artificial Intelligence to surveillance of text and voice conversations

  • 15

    Black Cape

    Black Cape

    Black Cape is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in designing Mission Applications and using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to address challenging issues in the government and commercial sectors. They have a strong track record and decades of expertise in providing end-user solutions

  • 16

    Dimitra Technology

    Dimitra Technology

    Dimitra is a global Agtech firm to assist smallholder farmers worldwide. The Dimitra platform is based on blockchain technology and includes mobile technology, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, satellite and drone imaging, genomics, and advanced farming research

  • 17



    Dstillery is the premier provider of unique audience solutions, enabling businesses and their agencies to maximize the value of customer data and alter how they communicate with their audiences. Custom AI Audiences, their flagship solution, is produced by just-for-your-brand Custom AI models that give the optimal blend of accuracy and size

  • 18



    EIPGRID is developing technologies that can reinvigorate our lives. With EIPGRID's cutting-edge technology and AI-powered decision-making, its customers can maximize their profits while diving into multiple business applications at the same time, such as Demand Response, Photovoltaic (PV), Energy Storage System (ESS), Electric Vehicle (EV), and Micro- Grid, while also exploring the numerous benefits of the RE100 business model and CO2 trading

  • 19



    FeatureBase is an Open Source machine learning analytical processing (MLAP) engine that supports real-time queries and continuous ingestion. And, of course, SQL is included. They also provide FeatureBase Cloud, a no-hassle, no-maintenance SaaS version of FeatureBase for users who want to avoid buying and managing their infrastructure

  • 20



    SoftServe has extensive experience in software engineering, cloud and DevOps, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet of Things, experience design and platforms, extended reality (XR), and robots. SoftServe provides open innovation services, from generating appealing new ideas to developing and implementing revolutionary products and services