Lone Star Analysis Creates Results-Driven State-of-the-Art Predictive Analytics Solutions

Steve Roemerman, Chairman and CEO, Lone Star Analysis
Steve Roemerman, Chairman and CEO, <a href='https://www.lone-star.com/' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Lone Star Analysis</a>

Steve Roemerman, Chairman and CEO, Lone Star Analysis

Lone Star Analysis is a provider of applied decision intelligence and engineering solutions. We harness predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence, and inherent knowledge to enhance innovation, create economic strength, and make the world safer. Since 2004, organizations have trusted Lone Star to deliver actionable answers to complex issues in manufacturing, aerospace, defense, energy, logistics, transportation, and more.

We apply our many solutions in three distinct areas: competitive differentiation, performance optimization and program and systems advisory.

4Key Areas of Focus

1. Competitive Analytics & Pricing Solutions

The competitive line of business encompasses solutions designed to help companies set themselves apart. Gaining an edge over competitors allows Lone Star’s customers to win more contracts, pursue new business opportunities, and optimize existing relationships. In addition to our solutions, Lone Star offers a wide range of programs to boost customer knowledge through analysis and education.

Competitive intelligence and market research analysis help companies understand their competitors and markets from a holistic perspective. These provide insight into strategies, structure, pricing behaviors, other critical information, and market sizing and segmentation. Lone Star also hosts training opportunities to allow organizations the chance to improve internal knowledge and capabilities.

2. Operational Optimization Solutions

Optimization focuses on altering and elevating systematic processes, from planning to coordination, execution and optimization. Many organizations across a wide range of industries need the solutions within this discipline to improve. As such, they seek out Lone Star’s expertise.

Our optimization solutions allow customers to reduce downtime. Organizations can apply this within a manufacturing plant, supply chain or oil rig. They can simulate cause and effect scenarios, detect potential device failure and alert personnel of maintenance needs.

3. Systems Engineering & Integration Solutions

The systems engineering and integration solutions area of focus meets customers’ organizational management needs to drive success. Lone Star has tailored these solutions to assist with product and technology development.

Utilizing our software, Lone Star can model processes and updates before a company ever actually makes changes. This helps determine the most successful course of action and steps companies can take to deliver on time and within budget. 

4. Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions

Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions covers real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics software and solutions. Organizations in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, oil and gas and other asset intensive businesses can’t afford to have revenue generating equipment out of service.   By utilizing real-time data feeds from customers’ assets, Lone Star will improve operations across a wide range of industries, equipment and use cases.

Lone Star provides software and solutions that enable organizations to predict when an asset is likely to exceed normal operating ranges before a catastrophic failure occurs and prescribe a remedy to the critical operating condition.

Cutting Edge Prescriptive and Predictive Software

In addition to our solutions, we offer several applications to meet more specific needs. Two applications recently created and added to our arsenal are MaxUp™ and TruPredict™.

1. MaxUp™

Lone Star recently added MaxUp™ to the list of performance optimization software. Its versatility allows use across industries. MaxUp serves to improve uptime and increase operational efficiency. The current applications are MaxUp Fleet, MaxUp Energy and MaxUp Manufacturing.

MaxUp Fleet is a condition-based maintenance solution that predicts when and why components will fail and prescribes preventative or maintenance actions. Focused on ground-based vehicles, several industries can leverage this solution, including oil and gas, construction, public transportation, militaryand more. Unlike other fleet maintenance options, MaxUp provides both predictive and prescriptive analytics driven by accurate data.

MaxUp Energy also provides predictive and prescriptive analytics for oil and gas-based companies. Specifically designed for electric submersible pump (ESP) operators, this real-time solution monitors the production and health of ESPs and prescribes mitigating actions to improve productivity and efficiency.

Currently, under the MaxUp™ Manufacturing suite, Lone Star offers RSC Asset Analytics Software. MaxUp Manufacturing’s RSC Asset Analytics application maximizes rotary screw compressor operations. The cloud application provides powerful visualizations of predictions, prescriptions and data insights for RSC systems maintenance and performance.

By using the MaxUp suite, Lone Star’s customers will save time, money, and other resources by alerting important parties to potential issues before they occur.

2.. TruPredict™

First launched in 2019, TruPredict Professional is price-to-win software designed to build and analyze competitive pricing. As part of the competitive analytics and pricing solution, TruPredict provides a competitive advantage. It allows users to run “what-if” scenarios to determine the best price point for a bid based on other potential bids.

We've recently launched TruPredict Essentials, a self-service, cloud-based version. TruPredict Essentials provides an easy-to-use interface and a simplified pricing and bidding process for users with no price-to-win experience. Overall, TruPredict helps Lone Star's customers win more contracts in a fraction of the time compared to traditional software.

State-of-the-Art Analytics Platforms

To complement our solutions and software, Lone Star has patented and trademarked platforms. All these practices would not be possible without our primary platforms, TruNavigator™ and AnalyticsOSâ„ , which ultimately help organizations make better decisions, faster.

1. TruNavigator™

The TruNavigator suite performs both prescriptive and predictive analytics functions to help address problems and facilitate efficient decision making. Its strength is in providing organizations with a clear visual understanding of “cause and effect” for complex problems with high degrees of uncertainty to make decision-making easier.

2. AnalyticsOSTM

AnalyticsOS (AOS) is the power behind cause-and-effect analytics. It provides transparent solutions and the opportunity for real-time decision-making. The powerful but simple modeling platform requires no programming skills or advanced math degrees to be effective. AOS democratizes advanced analytics capabilities, driving smarter decisions and improved business results.

These cutting-edge platforms offer:

• No Code, Minimal Footprint Analytics. We believe analytics should be approachable. Organizations don’t have the time to learn code.

• Transparency. Organizations make real decisions from analytics. A solution will only be useful if it’s transparent, repeatable and easy to use.

• Embraced Uncertainty. Our analysis platforms reflect reality because data can be messy, processes are inconsistent and people vary.

Regardless of the area of focus, Lone Star’s solutions help customers make better, more informed decisions, improve their businesses and reduce unnecessary resource expenditures. Lone Star is a leading company in this space with solutions across the analytics spectrum and the willingness to tailor a solution to client needs. We continue to be a highly requested partner.